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I Think I’m Going To Die!’- Maid Working For A Family In Saudi Arabia Cries For Help (VIDEO)

A 25-year-old Bangladeshi lady filling in as a maid has figured out how to discharge a stunning video calling for help.

In the video, she uncovered that she fills in as a maid for a family in Saudi Arabia and she blamed her managers for physical and sexual maltreatment and asked to be saved.

The lady covertly recorded herself as she sorrowfully talks about being explicitly mishandled, splashed in hot oil and tied up. She asked to be permitted to return home to Bangladesh after supposedly being bolted up for over about fourteen days.

The maid said: “I might die. If it’s not too much trouble spare me. They bolted me awake for 15 days and scarcely gave me any nourishment. They burned my hands with hot oil and tied me up.

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They took me starting with from one home to another one. In the primary home, they tortured me and hit me over and again and afterward took me to another where I encountered the equivalent.

I don’t believe I will live. I believe I’m going to die. They have beaten and tortured me. If it’s not too much trouble spare me, simply remove me from here.

Lamentably, the lady’s phone has been seized as a aftereffect of the video, as indicated by BRAC, a Bangladeshi NGO that is attempting to bring her home.

She is living in Jeddah at the moment. Authorities in her nation of origin required her to be repatriated and there have been dissents in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka.

Dhaka-based philanthropy BRAC, one of the world’s biggest philanthropies, said for the current year alone, the assemblages of 48 female specialists were taken back to Bangladesh from Saudi Arabia.

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