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Libyan coach apologized after accusing Nigeria football committee of juju

Libyan  coach, Adel Amrouche has apologized after he accused the Nigeria super eagles of using sorcery to win match.

Amrouche made this statement after the game between Libya and south Africa in Durban which ended in a scoreless draw,

he said after the end of the match that he was looking forward  to play against the super eagles of Nigeria.
He said: south Africa has fantastic team and also good players  and it was really not easy playing against them.
For  me, we are ready for Nigeria , if both games should be played in Nigeria , I will still accept the challenge, we believe in God but they believe in juju.
He tweeted later after he was summon for the statement.
I apologise for saying the Nigeria football team believes in juju, in the press conference in SA.
I respect there rich football believes I used the word in jest, like joking, please accept my apology.see tweet below

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