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Nigerian artist CDQ suffer another loss, after been robbed in a show

Apart from the fame and popularity that comes with being a musician, there are actually several other  disadvantages to it. One of the common most downside to being a singer was experienced by a popular Nigerian rapper named CDQ.

Recently, the CDQ shared a heartbreaking incident which happened to him. According to what he said, his pendant was stolen somewhere in Victoria Island called Harbour Point.
He went for  a show in Victoria island and had misplaced the pendant during the course of the event. CDQ who had  special attachment to the misplaced accessory took to his Twitter page to solicit the help of his fans.
The rapper implored that they should help return the jewelry to him if any of them finds it. In the course of making this honest plea, CDQ revealed its price.
According to him, the pendant was worth about 4,000 pounds which is over N1.8 million in Nigerian currency. The rapper revealed that the pendant mean a lot to him emotionally.Many Nigerians have taken to commenting on CDQ’s post. Many of them insisted the rapper made a mistake by revealing the real worth of the pendant. According to them, even if it was later found by someone, knowing how expensive it is, the person would not be so willing to return it.

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