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Nollywood’s Charles Inojie SLAMS Nigerian Christians Living Abroad

Nollywood on-screen character Charles Inojie has turned out to drop some hot learning on Nigerians living in the diaspora.

Taking to his Instagram page, Charles tended to the articulate encroachment upon the rights of different occupants by Nigerians who are wont to openly lecturing the gospel in outside nations.

Sharing a return video of a Nigerian man captured while lecturing in the boulevards of London, the veteran on-screen character expressed that on the off chance that the laws of a country glare at specific things as unlawful, at that point foreigners ought not participate in them.

Thinking about how one can comply with God’s law in the event that they can’t comply with the laws of man, Charles Inojie called attention to that legislatures are established to guarantee request and concurrence. He composed;

“In the event that the laws of your country of living arrangement scowl at specific things as illicit, definitely, don’t take part in them.

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How well would you be able to comply with God’s law in the event that you can’t comply with the laws of man? The administrations of this world are there to guarantee request and concurrence. Something else, there would be insurgency, social issue, and political hardship.

It is alright to lecture the gospel, however your right to so do ought not encroach on the rights of others.”

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