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Onochie bombs Fani-Kayode over fake news about buhari

Uncovering this by means of her official tweeter handle, the blunt and courageous Onochie blamed Fani-Kayode for furnishing counterfeit news and encouraged Nigerians to ignore his entries in the media.

Review that commentators have presented that the genuine Nigerian President ‘Muhammadu Buhari’ kicked the bucket in a United Kingdom healing center in 2017 and was supplant by one Jibrin Al-Sudani , a previous detainee and body twofold.

Yet, responding to the above proposition, Presidency and web based life handlers of Mr President censured the story and encouraged Nigerians to remain center and believe in the present organization, noticing that there were no particles of truth in the story making rounds.

Read Onochies proclamation beneath:

The insight of a few Nigerians has been offended by the incredible falsehoods that @Mbuhari has a twofold, having kicked the bucket in the UK. This fiendishness is being supported by one of PDP’s Looters, the medication invaded, break head, @realffk. He is calling Nigerians, naïve. Nigerians are definitely not!

Review, toward the beginning of the @Mbuhari/@ProfOsinbajo organization, @realffk, mounted a battle of focused defamation on the people and workplaces of the President @MBuhari and Vice President, @ProfOsinbajo. He has been fabricating and producing lies upon untruths.

At a Press Conference on 27th February, 2015, he placed, resolutely, that a promise was directed on @ProfOsinbajo, to drive him to leave as the Vice President after the race to clear a path for Asiwaju Tinubu to supplant him

That was about 4 years prior. Be that as it may, the untruths proceed

Whenever @NgrPresident, @MBuhari was proclaimed dead by @lereOlayinka, the media help to ex-Gov. Ayo Fayose of Ekiti, it was @realffk who in his standard tranquilized up trance, lied that the British was attempting to introduce @elrufai as VP and later as President in 2019! A lie based on a lie.

In another over the top lie, and in his distorted, betrayed and dreamlike state, @realffk lied that @ProfOsinbajo called the Osun Resident Electoral Commissioner, to impact the result of the as of late led Osun Guber decision. A reasonable an undiluted lie by a sequential liar!

Is boldly and persistently misleading Nigerians, calling us artless individuals who might swallow any lie. At whatever point he opens his medication filled mouth, disdain, harshness and deception overflow. He is only a phony news and abhor merchant.

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