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Open Letter To Gombe State University Of Science And Technology By Newly Admitted Students.

Dear Sir,

I write this letter to you on behalf of “Gombe State University of Science and Technology Admitted Students” with much hope and expectation. We hope you will give us a patient hearing. Your position is one of both power and responsibility. Students look up to you as the person who can get them out of this morass of mediocrity that education has become.

All of us here connected with education in some capacity or other look to you for some change in the academic arena. I am at this point of time speaking strictly about Gombe State University of Science and Technology, Kumo.

Sir, the reason for writing this letter is to ask for your support on maintaining Gombe State University of Science and Technology, Kumo. We have known you as a true leader who loves education and someone who loves everyone to be educated.

So, with your attitudes towards education and your impacts in the field of education, we are seeking for your help in convincing Governor Inuwa Yahaya Bello and do all the right things possible to maintain GSUST, Kumo.

As we are all known, GSUST was established by the immediate past administration led by Ex-Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo along with four more tertiaries in the state. GSUST admitted almost 500 students with their 2018/2019 JAMB Results which was also approved by JAMB administration by April of this year.

In the process of the admission, our amiable Governor “Inuwa Yahaya Bello” sworn-in, immediately after some days in office, he placed the five tertiaries on review status including Gombe State University of Science and Technology.

The school has almost released the academic calendar for us (Admitted Students). They have to inform us later that the calendar was a fake one which we knew it isn’t and was cancelled due to the issue on ground.

The school now keeps telling us to be patient all the time. Now, this is September, October is fast approaching and we have been admitted since April! Almost SIX MONTHS we have been admitted and yet, registration has not been done not to talk of starting the academic session while we have our JAMB admission letters printed with us.

The Government keeps us on home detention!! I once chatted with a fellow colleague who told me he has been seeking for admission for almost past four years and now he got it by GSUST. Sadly, the Government also came up with theirs after.

Here is a student as well who commented on a social media post on these schools update. He wrote “…, aren’t we destined to study/be educated”.

I felt so sad hearing/reading comments like this and as well as my colleagues.
With these entire Sir, we hereby seek for your help to do what you can do on maintaining GSUST. And if possible as well to put on immediate academic session for those already admitted.

If the schools aren’t approved by the Government, we will have to wait for another one year. Moreover, many candidates also filled up Gombe State University of Science and Technology on their JAMB as their first choice this year likewise other four tertiaries in question (waiting to be admitted).

They will also be denied to study and waited for another year. Please and please, help us in convincing the Governor on maintaining GSUST, Kumo. We are assuring you, the government arms, the state and Nigeria at large that we won’t disappoint you all. We are going to make proud.

In conclusion, we are hopeful that our concerns on this issue would be given a listening ear. As a student and an activist, I eagerly look forward for your urgent decision and action in addressing this issue. May Allah continue guiding you and we also pray for great outworks through your stay in office. Thank you in anticipation of your favorable response.

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