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Reason why young people die lately

It is bound for man to pass on and after death judgment as indicated by Hebrews 9:27. Be that as it may, passings including the young lately is fairly on the high with many trusting it is in satisfaction of what has been cherished in the book of scriptures.

In any case, Abdul [not genuine name] a morgue man with one of Ghana’s chief doctor’s facilities in Accra can’t help contradicting this declaration and disclosed only to why he suspects something.

“The youthful ones kick the bucket a great deal nowadays particularly the young men. Those from age 15 or more for the most part adolescents. I progress toward becoming damaged getting ready such young people for protection. It is an exceptionally terrible circumstance to see somebody who is going to begin life pass on rashly. The sort of ways of life of these adolescent is the reason for these passings. Some of them in their mission to get rich quick, others because of indiscriminate ways of life, grabbing of individuals’ spouses thus numerous undesirable propensities cause these passings”, he uncovered.

As per Abdul, a portion of the dead bodies previously they are preserved are seen wearing grinning faces with occasions of others grimacing including that he has never observed any dead body wake up from the mortuary.

“When somebody is dead he/she is dead. I rest serenely here constantly and I have never observed a phantom. I wake up every so often in the event that I am called to get a dead body or they are removing one for internment.

The individuals who come to shower and set up the bodies for internment in some cases invest quite a bit of their energy here and nothing occurs. I am knowledgeable about this business and no place have I seen a dead body get up so I am not frightened by any stretch of the imagination”, he clarified.

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