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Sadiya, The Missing Girl In Jos, Found With A Man In Abuja

It was reported earlier that a girl, sadiya from jos went missing after a facebook friend visited her. Well, According to a post by the cousin of the missing girl on Facebook, she made it known that this man(pictures below) took her cousin from jos to abuja(for reasons not yet known).

And according to her, many other girls were also found in captivity of the man.
This is the English translation of what she wrote in Hausa:
“The identity of the man who took my cousin sister out has been revealed. And she is not the only one at the house he took her to in Abuja. there many other girls there too.

Romalu Lukaku : If it is not me, it is Pogba or Sanchez.

May God continue to unveil their evil plans. Thank you all for the prayers. More details coming By God’s grace”..
But it wasn’t made clear if she was forcefully taken or voluntarily went for what a Nigerian would say, “chilling and flexing”.

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